When to Buy a Stroller During Pregnancy

When to Buy a Stroller During Pregnancy
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You’re expecting a little bundle of joy. And, now you’re probably overwhelmed. There’s so much to do, right?

So, do you know when to buy a stroller during pregnancy? Maybe there’s etiquette to follow. Or, your baby senses kick-in at a certain time and you just know.

Unfortunately, there is no fast rule about buying your baby items. But, here are some guidelines if you absolutely need advice about this… or, want to feel vindicated about the things you already bought.

When to Prep for Your Baby

When to Prep for Your Baby

So, buying onesies before your first OB appointment may be jumping the gun a little bit. But, you shouldn’t be days from your delivery date before you start buying your baby stuff. Somewhere between those extremes should work fine for you.

Viability and Gestation

Some new parents like to wait until the baby reaches the age of viability in the gestational period to begin buying stuff. The age of viability is the minimum gestation period that your baby can undergo and still have a reasonable chance of surviving. In general, doctors agree that 24 weeks is a minimum age of viability.

So, what does this mean for you? If you want to gauge your buying habits according to age of viability you would start your shopping spree at the 24-week mark of your pregnancy.

Alternatively, you can go by gestation period or trimester. At the 13-week mark, you start your second trimester of pregnancy. This may also be when you start to feel better from morning sickness if you were unfortunate to have it.

The second trimester may also be when you start to “feel” more pregnant. This may make pregnancy more real to you. So, you may feel a greater urge to begin collecting things for your baby.



You may also receive advice to start shopping when you feel like it. This may be laissez-faire advice, or meant to be taken as such. But, there may be some truth behind this advice.

Nesting is when a pregnant woman feels an incredibly strong urge to prepare their homes for the new baby. Most pregnant women report having these feeling towards the last weeks of pregnancy. But, they can occur at any time.

Sometimes certain situations can bring about nesting feelings such as anxiety or boredom. Also, holidays and celebrations may also lead to feeling and urges to nest. However, some women may not have nesting feelings at all.

Ultrasounds and Heartbeats

Finally, you may want to wait until you hear your baby’s heartbeat or go in for the ultrasound for the baby’s sex. These normally occur at 6-10 weeks for the first, and 16-20 weeks for the latter.

Hearing your baby’s heartbeat could bring things home for you: You’re having a baby. When it’s made real like that, you may feel a stronger urge to begin preparations for the baby. Conversely, waiting to learn the baby’s sex could focus your shopping efforts towards boy or girl items.

What to Look for In a Newborn Stroller

Now that you know when to buy a stroller during pregnancy, it’s time to take that next step. When you finally buy one, do you know what to look for?

You will go through many different strollers in your baby’s infancy. But, this first one is important. Here are a few features to keep an eye out for.


There are different types of strollers on the market. But, while your child is very young you are fairly limited to strollers that can fully recline. Nevertheless, joggers, travel systems, standards, prams, and bassinets are all types of strollers to choose from.


Next, you will probably need a stroller that folds up, preferably one that does it easily while you are carrying a baby, diaper bag, and a week’s worth of groceries.

Some strollers fold up with the push of a button, while others fold up after moving different parts. For your sanity, choose one that is the easiest to fold up.

Handle Bars

Not all handle bars designed to accommodate all bodies. Your height and gait will play a part in how easily you push your stroller, or if you will fight it every step of the way. Test them out first.


Additionally, newborns require a lot of stuff… an astronomical amount of stuff. Find a stroller that can reasonably carry some of that stuff for you.

Car Seat Carriers

Finally, car seat carriers or travel systems consist of a car seat and a stroller frame. You will probably start out with this type of stroller for the first few months of your child’s life. If you choose to buy your car seat separately, make sure the manufacturer for the frame is compatible with your car seat.


There is no clear-cut answer for when to buy a stroller during pregnancy. But, whenever you decide to buy one, make sure that you buy the right type for you. You may be stressed enough without having to worry about your stroller, too.

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