What Does Stroller Mean

what does stroller means
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Have you ever wondered exactly what does stroller mean?

Those who are not parents yet might not know what a stroller means in the technical sense, though they might know that it holds a baby.

We realize that there are other names out there, such as a carriage, that could make this term seem confusing.

Thus, to end the confusion and help you have a good idea of baby items, we will discuss what does stroller really means, what does it do, and more.

What Does Stroller Mean?

When it comes to the term stroller, most people know that it is used to carry a baby, but not exactly what it does.

The official definition is it is a portable chair on wheels that allows you to push your baby during the years before they learn to walk.

You probably have a picture in your head of what a stroller looks like. You also have likely seen parents pushing their children along with them before.

That said, strollers all look different, making defining what it is difficult. Also, because people use many different terms to describe a stroller, you might not have heard the term stroller before.

With terms like a pram, baby carriage, baby buggy, pushchair, and pushcart, the term stroller is just a simple way to say it.

Differences Between a Stroller, Pram, and Baby Carriage

Similar to other products, people use multiple terms to describe the same product, but this doesn’t necessarily mean that they are exactly the same.

This is often what happens with a stroller because other items that look similar are often used interchangeably.

Here are the differences between the most common terms:

1. Stroller

A stroller, as we discussed earlier, is a mobile chair used to transport a baby.

It comes with an upright seat that can be leaned back. It also often comes with a foldable design to allow for easy storage and transport when taking a trip.

A stroller can also come with either three or four wheels, depending on the balance of the design.

The three-wheel options have the front wheel in the middle of the front section to allow for easy movement around turns.

2. Pram

A pram is similar to a stroller since it holds a baby and has a seat.

The difference is that it doesn’t have an upright seat. Instead, it often comes with a flat surface that allows the baby to sleep.

A portion of the pram is also covered with fabric so that the baby cannot begin to sit up.

As such, this product is typically only used for the first few months of the child’s life because it is meant for newborns.

A pram also always comes with four wheels to ensure that the baby is stable at all times, and the uneven ground won’t wake the child up.

3. Baby Carriage

A baby carriage is typically seen as the same thing as a stroller, and for the most part, it is. The car seat is similar, and the baby carriage usually comes with an upright seat position.

One of the main differences that make it separate from a stroller is that many baby carriages are made to be held on its own.

That means the seat can be held by a handle and fits into a frame design so that you can secure it and push it with wheels.

That said, because the term is used often, the baby carriage model tends to vary between this type of carriage and something more similar to either a pram or a stroller.

what does stroller means

What to Look For in a Stroller?

As you can see, there are many different terms to describe a seat that can be pushed with a baby in it.

Thus, with many different models out there, it can get even more complicated to find the right option for your child.

Should you purchase a pram, baby carriage, or a stroller? Once you decide to go for a stroller, the next question is which model is the best to purchase for your baby?

Of course, you always want the best choice for your child. When it comes to a moving item, you are likely to focus on the available safety features.

When you are looking for a stroller option for your baby, keep these things in mind to ensure that you get the safest and most comfortable option for your baby:

1. Secure Straps

You want to look for secure straps that go across the chest and over the shoulders, but you also want a groin strap that will keep your child from sliding down.

You may also want to find an option that comes with padding on the straps.

2. Sturdy Frame

The stroller’s frame is something that you want to look at closely because you want a durable product.

This will keep your child safe if you ever bump into anything in the way of your path.

It will also ensure that the stroller lasts a long time.

3. Maneuverability

Since a stroller has wheels, you want to make sure that they can move easily.

You don’t want wheels that will get stuck all the time, so check them out and make sure that they allow for easy maneuverability.

What Makes Up a Stroller?

If you were wondering what does stroller means, then you now know what it is and how to find the right one for your child.

Whether you need one for a baby on the way or just wanted to find out more for when you are ready to have kids, you already have the information you need.

A stroller is made for a particular reason, but it should have a fully reclining seat and an upright seating position, not a flat surface for laying down.

It must also come with infant car seat straps, back and neck support, a foldable design, and three or four wheels.

These main features make a stroller what it is, and makes it a product separate from a pram or baby carriage.

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