Stokke Trailz Reviews: Five Great Units to Consider

Jess Vega
By Jess Vega / February 28, 2020
stokke trailz review
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For good reasons, most parents consider buying a stroller, particularly when a new baby is born. 

A baby stroller protects your child and makes handling and taking care of the infant a lot easier. 

Your baby is delicate and needs optimum care for the long term, and a stroller provides long-term support and lets you carry some necessities for your baby.

In this Stokke Trailz review, we will talk about the manufacturer and look into the essential features of five of their products.

About Stokke AS

Stokke is a European company that manufactures a wide range of baby-care products like strollers, high chairs, carriers, seats, cribs, baths, and other infant accessories. 

The company continues to introduce new products around a single core concept: to maintain and enhance family bonding by transforming every experience into a memorable one that families will cherish forever.


Stokke AS started in 1932 at Ålesund, a city in Norway, but currently has its headquarters in Hungary, where they make the frames for their strollers and other products. 

They moved the headquarters to Hungary from China in 2016. but most textiles for Stokke products still get manufactured in China.


Stokke’s products feature designs that aim to last a lifetime, so they're flexible and adjustable where necessary. 

They continue to challenge conventional thinking by introducing smart and innovative products in style and quality to meet the family’s needs and that of our evolving personal lives. 

Their products stand the test of time and boast classic product lines that won’t fade in style anytime soon.

It’s also clear from their parent-facing strollers and convenient baby carriers that these products aim to bring children closer to their parents. 

From the materials used to the designs and ergonomics, Stokke products exude superior quality, without compromising your child’s safety and comfort.

The corporation robustly supervises every stage of a product’s manufacture, right from raw materials development to distribution.

Quality Control and Ethics

The company’s sophisticated team of engineers ensures that each new or existing equipment receives flawless maintenance according to the latest industry standards. 

They also remain unflinching in their resolve to provide time-tested mother and child products for generations to come.

Stokke maintains proper business ethics, as well. 

Every member of Stokke’s value chain complies with a code of conduct agreement that outlines a joint responsibility with the company in upholding proper working conditions, compensations, and production processes. 

Stokke is also a member of the Ethical Trading Initiative Norway, and an enthusiastic advocate of ethical trade practice. 


Throughout its history, the company continually strives to use environmentally friendly and biodegradable materials.

To preserve the safety of our planet, Stokke continuously explores new energy-saving methods in producing, shipping, and distributing its products.

The company also uses modern, efficient logistics channels to cut down on the rate of toxic gas emissions. 

They only move large stock volumes at a time to reduce transportation frequency.

Stokke’s commitment to fulfilling its responsibility to customers and the environment is the reason there are many satisfied customers, and why we chose to review their products. 

Stokke Stroller Carry Cot

Stokke Trailz with Classic Wheels

Stokke Trailz Baby Stroller with Terrain Wheels

Stokke Xplory Newborn Stroller

Stokke Scoot Complete Stroller

Stokke Trailz Reviews

1. Stokke Stroller Carry Cot

A uniquely-designed full-sized stroller, this product aims to satisfy different parents’ requirements.

Sharing the functions of a full-sized and jogging stroller, it also incorporates some features of a lightweight stroller. 

It’s large, soft, and protective interior ensures that the baby will be comfortable.


Here are the things you would expect from this stroller:

  • Adverse Condition Protection

This product has a large and cozy interior with a removable visor for protection from bad weather or light. 

There’s also a ventilation window spanning 30% of the hood that maintains a balanced atmosphere during cold and hot days.

  • Infant Protection and Convenience

The interior of the stroller is a soft cushion, while the exterior is a hard shell. 

That said, both of which protect the baby from falling off and external shock.

Carry handles are also attached to the hard plastic body for safe and convenient transportation. 

It weighs a little over 10 pounds and can support a baby weighing 20 pounds or less.

  • Materials and Parts

Construction materials used include aluminum, various plastic, and composite materials. 

The textile consists of polyester, PVC-free phthalate, and the mosquito net is polyester mesh-based, while the frame has a sturdy construction, and the filled rubber tires have ample suspension for a smooth ride.

The wheeled frame is compatible with different carrycots, stroller seats, and car seats. 

Its swivel front wheels are lockable, while the adjustable handle is ergonomic with excellent maneuverability.

Lastly, the frame contains a large shopping basket that protects from water and dirt.

  • Ease of Use

The stroller is compact and folds easily into a small size. It also supports height and angle adjustability for a wide range of positions.


  • Meets the needs of a wide range of parents
  • Easy to use with exciting features
  • Proper protection and comfort for the baby


  • Pricey
  • Won’t last throughout toddler years
  • Low weight limit

2. Stokke Trailz With Classic Wheels

This is an all-terrain versatile stroller with a design that will last throughout the toddler years. 

Both the interior and exterior features streamline to maximize comfort, protection, and ease of use.

The design also makes it compatible with a wide range of wheeled frames, strollers and car seats, or similar equipment.


This stroller has a lot to offer, including:

  • Materials and Parts

The seat and carrycot are positioned high for better eye contact and intimacy between the parent and the child. Its construction is robust with a highly maneuverable wheeled frame and large air-tight rubber tires for smooth, effortless mobility. 

It also has good tire suspension for enhanced performance.

The chassis consists of aluminum and plastics, and the product’s upholstery is a mix of polyurethane and polyester, while the rain cover comprises phthalate-free PVC. 

The same materials used for producing the upholstery and rain cover are utilized for the shopping basket, while the mosquito net consists of a polyester mesh.

  • Ease of Use

The product comes with a sizeable waterproof shopping basket and a ventilated hood that improves air quality by minimizing dampness. 

It’s ready for use with a wide range of accessories like carrycots, pram seats, and travel systems.

The wheels are lockable and can swivel, while the handle is adjustable and ergonomic to increase maneuverability. 

It’s compact and folds easily, and there is an adjustable footrest that prevents feet dangling.

  • Seating Positions

The stroller has three parent-facing positions, including rest, sleep, and active. 

It also has two forward-facing positions, which as active and rest.

  • Weight Capacity

The complete system weighs about 30 pounds, with the carrycot being best for weights no more than 20 pounds.


  • Lightweight
  • Highly portable and maneuverable
  • Comes with plenty of extras
  • Compatible with a wide range of accessories
  • Grows with your baby


  • Can’t last through toddler years
  • Low weight limit
  • Pricey

3. Stokke Trailz Baby Stroller With Terrain Wheels

This product is an all-terrain stroller that will work well pretty much anywhere and in all weather. 

It’s usable from birth throughout the toddler years.

Its interior and exterior design features optimize performance, comfort, protection, and usability. 

It’s also compatible with a range of accessories to save money whenever you decide to transform your stroller.


Some of the things this stroller offers are:

  • Materials and Parts

As an all-terrain comfort stroller, it comes with a waterproof shopping basket and water-resistant fabrics. The rubber tires are sturdy, and the wheels are puncture-resistant.

  • Convenience

The stroller is great for use from birth and folds easily into a small size for easy transportation and storage. 

It has the proper suspension for easy maneuverability and a smooth ride. 

It's SPF 50 and has superior ventilation and ergonomics.

  • Seating Positions

This Trailz baby stroller has three parent-facing positions: rest, sleep, and active. 

There’s also two forward-facing positions, namely active and rest.

  • Weight Allowance

The stroller supports toddlers up to 33 pounds with a Stokke Stroller seat and forms part of a travel system when combined with a car seat.

  • Ease of Use

The stroller is usable with a wide range of accessories such as carry cot, stroller seat, and car seats. 

The swivel front wheel is lockable, and the handle is adjustable and ergonomic to ensure superior maneuverability. 

The grip is also firm and made of durable leatherette that feels soft.

  • Convenience

The carrycot or stroller seat is placed high so that your baby is closer to you. 

With a soft interior lining, good ventilation, and a breathable mattress made of Sorona fibers, your baby is guaranteed a comfortable environment. 

Also, the wind cover is removable, the seat has leg support, and the stroller has easy-access pockets for storage.


  • Can last throughout the toddler years
  • Comfortable design
  • Easy to use
  • Supports bigger babies


  • Cumbersome and difficult to transport
  • Somewhat expensive
  • Not ideal for narrow spaces

4. Stokke Xplory Newborn Stroller

As the name implies, this stroller is for newborns and doesn’t support more than 20 pounds of baby weight. 

It's lightweight and has lots of features that leverage some benefits of a full-sized stroller and a jogging stroller.

The interior and exterior design is comfortable, protective, and easy to use, plus it’s compatible with several accessories.


This product boasts a lot of features, including:

  • Materials and Parts

The height and handle are adjustable, and a multi-direction seat brings your baby up close to you. 

The seat also reclines by three steps from sleeping, resting, and actively seated.

There is also a large, removable, origami system shopping bag made of scratch-resistant and water-resistant material that's easy to wipe clean.

  • Comfort

Ventilation and a breathable mattress provide excellent relaxation for the baby, and the fabrics are made of UPF 50+ to offer sun protection. 

It also has swivel front wheels that you can lock, providing for security when jogging or walking fast with your baby.

  • Ease of Use

The wheels are puncture-free with no need for maintenance, plus the stroller has one-step foldable chassis. 

It also has significant safety mechanisms like a one-push brake system, 360-degree reflective material, and harness.


  • Lightweight and highly portable
  • Great for navigating busy streets and narrow areas
  • Suitable for newborns lacking neck control
  • Has extra features for ease and comfort


  • Pricey
  • Won’t last throughout the toddler years
  • Can’t support babies weighing more than 20 pounds

5. Stokke Scoot Complete Stroller

Scoot is a compact pram for urban and long-term use. It grows with your child and features a good number of functions that make it highly portable and easy to use.

Its design will keep your baby comfortable and safe. 

It's one of the very best by Stokke, and its design makes it ideal for use on the go.


Some of the things this product offers are:

  • Ease of Use

The stroller has a smart urban lifestyle design and a ton of features for you to push, fold, and carry it around conveniently. 

It has a compact size that's ideal for travel and navigating busy streets and narrow places. 

There’s also a two-directional seat with three sitting positions, such as active, rest, and sleep.

  • Materials and Parts

The product has adjustable rotational handles, significant and robust rubber tires that provide good suspension to minimize the risk of puncturing. 

It also has an adjustable footrest, and the stroller adjusts to fit your baby as they grow.

The included spacious shopping space with easy access from all sides makes it a breeze to take other baby care products around with you.

  • Comfort

The baby feels comfortable in a roomy seat, and there is a UPF 50+ canopy for protection. 

The stroller also has proper ventilation, and it folds quickly for convenient transportation.


  • Lightweight
  • Sturdy design
  • Has extra features typical of other stroller types
  • Easy to navigate in narrow areas


  • Somewhat pricey
  • Won’t support larger storage space
  • Unlikely to last throughout the toddler years

Buyers' Guide

It's more difficult to accomplish daily tasks with a baby around. 

Without a good baby stroller, taking care of a baby and working simultaneously slows you down or even interrupts whatever you're doing.

Now that you have an idea of five of the best strollers from Stokke AS, let's now look into the things you need to consider when purchasing a stroller. 

This way, you get the product that is right for you and your baby's needs.

1. Age of the Baby

There are plenty of strollers with deep reclines or bassinet mode; hence, they can support a newborn. 

Many other models will only work well for babies who have some neck control or sit up.

Also, if you want the stroller to last through the toddler years, it's best to buy models and designs that are capable even though they could be more expensive. 

If you want to use it for multiple kids, you need something stronger than average, and compatible with a car seat.

2. Durability

Non-sturdy strollers can injure the child as they gain weight because they don’t withstand pressure. 

You can easily break it accidentally while folding, unfolding, or transporting it. 

Such strollers don't last very long, and they may perform poorly and even get squeaky as you use them, which can be a real source of frustration and embarrassment.

3. Convenience

Strollers come in several designs; some of them are convenient to use, store, and transport, while some of them will become problematic when you start using, storing, or transporting them.

As such, we recommend going for strollers that are easy to handle even on uneven sidewalks or hilly terrain. 

You must also check how smooth it is, and if you can control it with one hand.

It would be best if you also consider how easily it folds or unfolds, especially with one hand. 

You also don't want something intolerably substantial for you, and looking at the product's weight should give you an idea if it's manageable.

Additionally, keep in mind that big bulky strollers aren't good for narrow city streets, just like small ones aren't suitable for carrying some extra baby-care materials.

Strollers with higher handles and better canopies are often the best. 

Those with enough storage areas to keep your baby's essentials plus some of your items are also great choices.

Some even come with hooks where you can conveniently hang your bag.

4. Safety

Safety is the most crucial factor when buying a stroller. 

The best strollers have reliable safety features, like lock mechanism and buckles, that let you relax in the assurance of your baby's safety.

Preferably go for five-point instead of three-point harnesses and those with secure and easy-to-buckle snaps. 

You must also check that the brakes are well placed, so it's easy to grip and you don't accidentally hit them.

For proper security, the hinges and edges must be tight and smooth, so they don't hurt your baby's fingers and toes. 

The stroller should also have a shade for walks in the sun, and it's a plus to get one with built-in SPF protection.

Apart from those features, your child's safety also relies on the capability of the stroller in supporting your child's weight.

Thus, you must also look into the product's weight capacity.

5. Price

The market is saturated with strollers from different brands, and each brand offers various options.

You can find strollers ranging from $20 to $1200, and you want to be careful with the option to pick.

Your first job is to define where the stroller will be put to use clearly, and that is by considering the four features, and more if you want to, that we discussed above.

Overall, we suggest going for strollers that have excellent class even if they're more expensive than others.


1. How Should I Maintain or Clean the Stroller or Stokke Scoot Textiles?

Maintaining or cleaning your baby's stroller is a must, not only to prevent growth of microorganisms but also to ensure no dust and allergens are present when your baby uses the stroller again.

Here are some tips for you:

a. Textile Parts of the Stroller

  1. Always consider washing the textile separately, and remove the cushion before washing the insert.
  2. Hand wash the canopy and visor separately.
  3. Machine wash the seat lining, back cover, and harness protectors at 40 degrees Fahrenheit.
  4. You can also machine wash the seat rail at a temperature set to 30 degrees Fahrenheit.

b.  Hard Parts

  1. Remove any dust, mud, sand, and similar elements.
  2. Wipe the stroller using a mild mixture of water and soap.

2. How Can I Get My Stokke Trailz Serviced or Damaged Parts Replaced?

In case some of the parts get damaged and need replacement, just contact the retailer from where you purchased it and provide them with information on the damage as well as the stroller’s serial number. 

You can also contact any other Stokke retail partners for assistance using the list on the Stokke website.

3. Can I Start Using the Stokke® Stroller Seat for Trailz™ Before My Child Is Six Months Old?

As mentioned in the buyer's guide, you must always consider the age of your baby who will use the product before even going for one particular model.

When it comes to the Stroller Seat, the recommendation is for at least six months old babies.

Final Thoughts

Your lifestyle and budget will play a significant role in the type of stroller to buy, as will some logistics questions like where you want to use or store it, how many babies, and the number of baby-care stuff you want to take with you.

The most preferred strollers, though, are those that last throughout the toddler years for you to get great value of your money.

If you want something like that, the Stokke Trailz Baby Stroller with Terrain Wheels is your best option since it works on all terrains, has a bigger size, and comes with a larger storage basket. 

With proper maintenance, you can use it for two or more kids, and that's a big money-saver.

Don't forget, though, the weight and maneuverability problem of full-sized strollers just like this one.

So, if you prefer a lighter stroller, perhaps for use in the city or on-the-go, it is better to purchase the Stokke Trailz with Classic Wheels. 

Not only is it lightweight, but it also has a compact design for urban movement and convenient use on narrow sidewalks.

Whether you're expecting a baby or considering buying a better stroller, we've done all the heavy-lifting in this Stokke Trailz review so you won't have to do it yourself.

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