GB Pockit Stroller Review

gb pockit stroller review
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Have you been looking for a new stroller to prepare for a baby or trying to upgrade your current stroller for your child?

You have probably taken a look at many different options, but confused which one to get because of many brands and units.

This GB Pockit Stroller review will help you know if this might be an option that is worth the price.

GB Pockit Stroller Review

This GB stroller is a model made for parents who want a compact option that they can easily transport and carry themselves, making it an excellent choice for those who travel often.

This stroller can fold into two with only a two-step process that is simple and easy. This design has even won a 2014 Guinness World Record award for the Most Compact Stroller.

Since it has come out, there have not been any significant upgrades to the design since the original was so popular.

With its easy-to-push handles, sliding back panel, and adjustability, there isn’t more that could be added.

Who Is the GB Pockit Stroller For?

When seeing everything about a product, you want to think about who it was made for.

When it comes to a stroller, you can tell if it was made for families on a budget that needs a durable option that will last as long as possible.

You can also see if the premium design and finishes are meant for a high-end customer who wants a one-of-a-kind option rather than an average choice.

With the GB Pockit Stroller’s mid-range price point, this is ideal for families that need a durable stroller that doesn’t cost a lot and stays within a budget.

The stroller also focuses on easy travel, so it is also ideal for families that tend to travel with their children often.

With the easy-push handles and the ability to fold, it seems this stroller is also best for single parents.

It also works for those who travel with their child, but without their partner.

That is because the stroller is easy to fold and travel with even when you are not with someone else who can help you handle it.

Who Is It Not For?

This stroller design comes with a specific lightweight and compact design that can be completely folded over.

That feature makes it a bit less sturdy, especially for a customer who wants a stroller that they can take with them when they hike.

Having a folding stroller on a rocky trail could end up not being the best choice, so it is not made for outdoor adventures or jogging.

If that is what you were looking for, then this stroller is not the ideal choice for you.

You’ll want to look for an option built with a heavier and more durable frame that will hold up against outdoor conditions.

Also, because much of the design is made for easy travel, if you are someone who doesn’t often travel for work or pleasure, you will not be able to take advantage of all of the special features.

This makes it a choice that you could skip to get something that fits better with your lifestyle.

What Is Included?

When you purchase the GB Pockit Stroller, you are getting all that comes with it.

That includes the foldable stroller, the storage pocket underneath the seat, the adjustable harness, safety belts, and added comfort padding.

The stroller itself comes with a durable aluminum frame, and overhead canopy, lockable swivel wheels, comfort-padded handlebars, and a rear-wheel parking brake.

There is also a back panel that you can adjust to your child’s exact height for maximum comfort.

For more information about each included item and feature along with the unit’s assembly, you can watch the video below:

Overview of Features

The GB Pockit Stroller has many different features that make it a popular option for parents to use.

Here is an overview of all the functions and features that make this stroller one of the top choices in the market today:

1. Foldable Design

The Pockit Stroller by GB is a foldable option that allows you to make the already compact stroller even smaller. Specifically, its folded size is approximately 11.8” x 7” x 13.8”.

That way, you can store and carry it conveniently. The two-fold system also makes it easy to do and allows for quick unfolding when you need to use the stroller.

That not only makes it an excellent choice for when you need to pack up the item for travel, but it also makes it easy to fold the unit and toss it in the trunk of the car for a weekend or day trip.

You can also make it a great stroller to take on walks along the beach, park, and mall.

2. Lightweight

Coming in at only 9.5 pounds, the GB Pockit Stroller is a lightweight option that comes with a light frame that won’t wear you out when going on long walks.

The stroller is easy to push with the lightweight frame and build, so you can go on longer walks when needed and still feel comfortable.

The weight of the stroller also makes it easier to travel with, whether you are just going to hoist it into the trunk of your car for a while, or you are going on long walks around a downtown city for a weekend.

3. Adjustable Back Panel

Your child will grow quickly, and as they do, you will want to ensure that you have a stroller that will grow with them.

The back panel on the GB Pockit Stroller can adjust to your child’s head height so that they are comfortable at all times.

What’s more convenient is that you can adjust the height easily and quickly where you want it by using the safety belt.

This is great for growing babies who will need to have an adjustable choice to keep them comfortable. It also ensures you can use this stroller for a longer amount of time.

4. High Weight Capacity

The GB Pockit Stroller is ideal for six-month-old babies six months and an older child up to 55 pounds.

It can also accommodate 11 pounds more weight so that you can store a diaper bag and extra blankets in its storage basket.


  • Lightweight and compact
  • Adjustable height and torso panel
  • Foldable for travel
  • Padded handlebars
  • Lockable wheels
  • Holds up to 55 pounds


  • Not the lowest price
  • Requires both hands to fold up
  • The lightweight build feels a little flimsy

How to Use the GB Pockit Stroller 

If you want to see a demonstration of how to fold and use all the different features of this stroller, take a quick look at this video.

It provides visual instructions on how to use and fold this stroller.


To make this GB Pockit Stroller review as comprehensive and objective as possible, we feature another product for you, the Summer Infant 3Dlite Stroller.

If you aren’t in the market for a mid-range stroller for a child who won’t be able to use it for that long, you might be thinking about opting for a budget option that won’t break the bank. The 3Dlite model is a great choice.

As an alternative for the Pockit Stroller, it has a similar lightweight build. It offers adjustability for your child but comes with a larger overhead canopy.

It also folds in half so that it is compact for storage when not in use.

This option also comes with a lower storage pouch right under the seat and is easily accessible when you are pushing the stroller.

That makes it easier to grab items your child needs without making a complete stop and having to walk around to the front to take out a bottle or pacifier.

One major difference between this stroller and the GB Pockit Stroller is that this one comes with reclining adjustments. It can make your child more comfortable for long walks and trips.

This unit is ideal for traveling and can help put your child to sleep when lying farther back.

Final Verdict

The GB Pockit Stroller is an option for mid-range customers who want a lightweight option that is easy to push and great for traveling.

That is not just an advantage, but also the main reason this is a good option for many parents to purchase if you are in the market for a new stroller.

This stroller makes it easy to travel even if you are just going to the grocery store and back.

It is also an excellent choice for families traveling on an airplane or need a stroller that they can use on camping trips on the weekend or a long beach trip.

Whatever you choose to do with the Pockit Stroller, you will likely get the most out of it.

With the decent pricing that many families will be able to afford and the added comfortable features like the padded handle and safety belts, you will not only like using it for the safety and comfort of your child, but also because it is easy for you to use.


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