Britax Affinity Stroller Review

britax affinity stroller review
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Whether you want to have a high-end stroller or hope to have a premium model that will give your child all the comfort that they will need, getting the right stroller is a decision that you want to take seriously.

You might have seen the Britax Affinity Stroller and wondered whether it was worth buying.

Our Britax Affinity Stroller Review will help you decide whether this choice is a good one.

Britax Affinity Stroller Review

The Affinity Stroller is a Britax model that comes as a higher-end option for parents who want their children to have a safe and comfortable place to sit in.

This product was created with a durable design in mind. It has tires for a smooth ride and a frame that will keep your child safe.

This stroller model is an upgraded version of the original Affinity, which was a lighter option that was not made with the same level of sturdiness.

Though they are similar in size and shape, the original Affinity was a low-cost option that doesn’t offer the same comfort for your child.

The new Britax Affinity Stroller model is a more durable choice that comes with a heavy-duty frame.

It also comes with multiple safety features that keep your baby safe as you push them along.

This model is also made with a longer seat that allows for a taller child to sit in the seat for a longer time, which can help you get more out of the stroller.

Also, with a great resale value, you can resell the item if you don’t plan on having any more children.

It can help offset the stroller’s price and make it an excellent investment for the future that you can make money back on when you no longer need the stroller.

Who Is the Britax Affinity Stroller For?

The Affinity Stroller is a good choice for parents f newborns who want a sturdy stroller to use for more intense trips and long walks.

Whether you like to hike or just want to have something that is durable enough for long walks on the beach or park, this has it all.

It also has a suspension system, so if you like to take walks along uneven trails, you will be able to with this choice of the stroller.

With a longer body than other options, the Britax Affinity Stroller is also great for taller couples who have a child who is growing very quickly.

The extra-long back panel will allow the stroller to accommodate your baby’s longer torso so that you don’t need to get another stroller as soon as you might need to with other options.

However, this stroller doesn’t come with an overhead canopy like the original Affinity model and is not made for hot weather.

If you intend to use it outside often and live in a place where the weather is mainly hot, you will need to purchase a canopy that will keep your child properly covered.

This stroller is also made for those who want a bit of variety because there are three different frame colors you can choose from when making a purchase.

What’s Included?

This stroller comes with a lot of different things with it, but all come as part of the stroller instead of accessories.

Altogether, there is a soft handle that comes with a smooth leather-like accent.

It also comes with a seat that is reversible for both rear and forward-facing seating positions.

There are also tires that you fill with air and will keep the stroller steady.

If you want to see more about what this stroller comes with, watch this short unboxing video:

Overview of Features

Several different features make this model separate from other strollers on the market.

Here are some of the things you would expect from Britax Affinity Stroller:

1. Reversible Seat

The Britax Affinity Stroller comes with a seat that can be reversed from the forward-facing position to a rear-facing position for you to choose how your child will sit.

When they are younger, many parents like to have a full view of their child at all times, and the rear-facing position is ideal for them.

As the child grows, you can then reverse the seat so they can see what is around them as you walk.

This makes it a great option for parents who often travel or take long walks so they can change the seat’s position as needed.

2. Air-Filled Tires

The Britax Affinity Stroller comes with tires that you will fill with air.

The tires will last a long time and won’t need to be filled often. However, keeping the tires filled will make the ride smoother.

That is because the lowered-pressure tires will take most of the impact from the road.

Your child will not feel the uneven ground below. This feature also makes the Britax Affinity Stroller ideal for children who need to fall asleep, as a bumpy ride could keep them from going to bed.

3. Secure Straps

You always want your child to be secured properly when they are in the stroller.

With the secured straps that come with the Britax Affinity Stroller, you can feel confident that your child is safe.

The straps secure them against the back of the seat and come across the chest for more security.

There is also a groin strap that keeps your child safe from sliding out a bit from under the strap.

It keeps them safe from being too far under the body straps and ensures they are comfortable at all times.


  • Rear- and front-facing positions 
  • Fillable tires
  • Impact-resistant tires 
  • Great strap design 
  • Can suit taller children 
  • Smooth ride even on uneven grounds


  • Higher price than other options
  • Doesn’t come with an overhead canopy (available for separate purchase)
  • Filled tires can pop

How to Use the Britax Affinity Stoller

There are many things to know about this particular Britax stroller because of the reversible seat and adjustable straps.

With the right knowledge, you can get the highest amount of use of this product.

To help you learn about the Britax Affinity Stroller quickly, the video below will show you how to use it and make adjustments for your child.

Do note, though, that the video features the optional sunshade that doesn’t come with the base model.

Nonetheless, as mentioned, you can purchase it separately if you need or want it.


Our Britax Affinity Stroller review can already give you a clear picture of whether or not it is the right one for you and your child.

If you like the Britax stroller but would like an option that is a bit different, we found a suitable alternative: the Joovy Qool Stroller.

The Joovy Qool Stroller comes with many of the same benefits as the Britax Affinity Stroller.

It comes with a similar sloped shape and frame and has the same durability as the heavy-duty frame that is well worth the price.

The Joovy Qool Stroller does come with a price tag that is a bit lower than the Affinity model, which is ideal for families with a tighter budget.

This stroller also doesn’t have the accessories in a separate pack, which is how the Affinity model does things.

It has a canopy attached to the stroller’s body. This will keep your cost even lower and ensures that your child won’t have the sun in their eyes when you are out on a hot day.

The Joovy Qool Stroller model also comes with multiple seat configurations to accommodate larger children as they grow.

This is ideal for those who notice that their child is growing very quickly and parents who want a stroller that will last longer than the average choice.

Final Verdict

When it comes to getting a new stroller for your child, you want to know that you are getting the very best option for your most precious family member.

The Britax Affinity Stroller might be the best choice for you.

With the durable and heavy-duty frame that keeps the stroller long-lasting, the reversible seating positions, and the suspension, your child will get the smoothest ride even on rocky and uneven ground.

This makes it suitable for long walks and hikes on trails so that you and your baby can go out and get fresh air whenever you need it.

Though not everything that you would want comes with the purchase of this stroller, with all of the functions and features that it does have makes up for it.

Therefore, overall, this stroller option is a great choice for parents looking for a heavy-duty option for their child. 

Even if you want something similar, but doesn’t come with the same price tag, you can opt for the Joovy Qool Stroller and get many of the same features for a lower price.

Nevertheless, if you want the top-of-the-line choice of stroller that will keep your child as safe as possible on all different roads, you the Britax Affinity Stroller won’t disappoint you.


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