3 Wheel vs 4 Wheel Strollers: Which Is Better?

3 wheel vs 4 wheel stroller
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If you're about to start a family and need a stroller, you probably looked at different options to see what is available that matches your budget and needs.

You might have seen both three-wheel and four-wheel models and are wondering which one to purchase.

There are benefits and caveats with both options. Knowing what they are will help you decide which between 3 wheel vs 4 wheel strollers is best for you and your child.

3 Wheel vs 4 Wheel Strollers

Between these two options, you might not realize which is the best right off the bat.

The names of the stroller types say how many wheels they have, but the differences don’t just come down to that.

In fact, most of their advantages and disadvantages are because of the number of wheels installed.

The Four-Wheel Stroller

A four-wheel stroller is an option ideal for newer parents or those who never used a stroller before.

It also makes a good option for those with twins, triplets, and more or whose kids have a one- or two-year age gap.


Four-wheel strollers are more stable because they have the same amount of weight between the wheels, keeping your baby safe at all times.

This feature also makes the stroller easy to push, especially when going forward in a straight line.

Many four-wheel options are also compact and travel-friendly, making them an excellent choice for on-the-go parents or parents who often travel with their child.

Plus, because the stroller folds up in half easily and compactly, it can fit into your car with plenty of room to spare.

Some of them can even fit in overhead cabins so that you can fly with your kid conveniently.

There are also models that you can fold with one hand, making them suitable for solo travelers and single parents.

With four wheels installed and distributed evenly, it is more lightweight and balanced than three-wheel options, which are typically heavier in certain areas to remain properly balanced.

Also, because they are well-balanced, you can find options with multiple seats, which is ideal for parents with two or more children. 


Though there are many advantages to having a four-wheel stroller, there are also a few reasons they might not be the best choice.

First, these strollers can feel bulky compared to a three-wheel option because of the square shape created by the four wheels.

For parents who want a sleek stroller, this might not fit what they have in mind.

Second, although four-wheel strollers are easy to push, they are not easy to maneuver.

The wheels keep it going in the same direction but can be hard to turn.

Thus, it is not ideal for those living in windy streets or like to take hikes in areas that require more movement.

3 wheel vs 4 wheel stroller

The Three-Wheel Stroller

Generally, a three-wheel stroller can keep up with a parent or caregiver who loves to exercise and stay active with their children.

They're great for windy days or curvy roads where lots of movement are necessary.


Contrary to four-wheeled strollers, three-wheel strollers are easy to maneuver thanks to its front wheel that can spin at 360 degrees.

You will also have better steering control and can push the stroller with just one hand.

The three-wheel model can also handle rough, grassy, sandy, and uneven surfaces because of its bicycle-like, large tires.

Lastly, with only one tire in the front, a three-wheel stroller has a wider turning radius so it can go around corners easily.


A three-wheel stroller is excellent for many parents and caregivers, but even with all the benefits that they come with, there are a few caveats you should know about.

First, three-wheel strollers can feel less stable than their four-wheel counterparts because they only have one wheel in the front.

The extra movement is great when you are jogging and exercising, but it can feel unnecessary sometimes.

The stroller's maneuverability can also be overkill or a pain if you don't need it or just want to take a leisure walk around the block or park.

That is because you have to use more force to keep the stroller moving in a straight direction.

Another caveat is that the weight of these models is often more than that of the four-wheel options.

That is because of the unequal distribution of weight between the wheels, which makes it harder to fold, as well.

The heavier weight of three-wheel strollers also makes them difficult to carry around, even when folded.

3 wheel vs 4 wheel stroller

Choosing the Stroller Type for You and Your Baby

Keeping the differences between 3 wheel vs 4 wheel strollers in mind, here are some considerations to help you choose the right stroller type more easily and quickly:


The best way to be sure which among the two types to pick is to get an option that you will use the most or will work best for your lifestyle.

For example, you might not exercise much now but plan to, so the three-wheel stroller is a good reason to start and stay on track.

If you exercise but don't typically jog or run, or walking is your kind of exercise, a four-wheel stroller will likely be the best option.

If you're a frequent traveler, the four-wheel stroller might be best not only because it's easy to fold, but you can also easily push it in a busy airport.

On the contrary, if you're an outdoorsy person or love or plan to have a short hike with your kid, the three-wheel stroller would be an excellent pick.


How much you're willing to spend on a stroller is also an important consideration.

Generally, both three- and four-wheeled strollers are available in different price ranges.

However, in each price category, you'll have more options with the four-wheel models.

As such, you won't be stuck with a design that you don't like just because it matches your budget.


The size of the stroller you get will vary from model to model, so you want to find one that makes a good fit for you and your baby.

Having a large stroller can make it harder to get around, especially if you stay at home and have to handle the grocery shopping and other errands during the week.

Larger strollers, which are usually the four-wheel options, tend to be bigger in overall size.

That can make it challenging to get around a store and maneuver through tight spaces.

For foldable strollers, making a note of their size when folded is also important.

A stroller that folds compactly will ensure you can store and bring it without hassles.


One of the main differences between a three-wheel and four-wheel stroller is the way it folds.

If this is a significant feature for you, the easy-fold feature of a four-wheel stroller will be ideal.

Similarly, if you want more protection from the sun, the four-wheel stroller with a large canopy might be a major selling point.

Final Words

You might have already narrowed down your choice to the one that will work for you and your baby.

Whether you are leaning more toward the maneuverability of the three-wheel model or the stability of the four-wheel stroller, knowing the other benefits and caveats of both ensures you've got the right type for your baby and lifestyle.

If you are still undecided, take another look at the caveats to see which you would rather deal with.

If you find the drawback that will be easier to handle than the other, you might just have found your top choice.

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